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Never Records is a combination recording studio and record shop, all operating in one building. The sole proprietor, interior decorator, and engineer is New York-based artist Ted Riederer. Inspired by his own redemptive education at a young age inside the walls of a local record store in Rockville, Maryland as well as the field recording projects of Alan Lomax, Riederer devised his unique community art installation in the early part of this century and has been replicating it with regional variations throughout the world since 2010.

- Ryan Sparks, New Orleans 2013

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“The reason for the longevity of the project is that despite all the division and negative rhetoric, people still want to hear the words and music of others. If no one cared about listening to other people, I wouldn’t have been able to do this for ten years. “ Ted Riederer

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Long Island City, NY 11101, USA

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